Textile Events

A photographic series from my Master of Design project;
What is an ecosystem to the material and the maker?

When I weave I come back to us. We yarn with the threads and let narrative go.
Developing and discussing ideas not segmented by time but by patterns. To come
back from this place we put patterns in the hierarchy time asks for, because
narrative asks for time. We weave and come back to me. Now understanding where
we are in the story that cradles us.

I’m able to perceive materials with a life force, with something of their own that
they’re bringing to the table. With energy to be transferred and transformed. Some-
thing continuing to exist that I can relate myself to. This perception helps me see
how we are constantly weaving relationships with objects and materials, forgetting
some things exist and coming back to them months later. I see our relationships
with ‘waste’; taking, making, using, and discarding - I guess our next lives will meet
these discarded materials again via the environmental issues their neglected state
will cause.


A channel for transmission - a connecting device.


Most of our lives we live closed up in ourselves, with a longing not to be alone, to include others in that life that is invisible and intangible. To make it visible and tangible, we need light and material, any material. And any material can take on the burden of what had been brewing in our consciousness or sub-consciousness, in our awareness or in our dreams.

Anni Albers

Mouldy Bread

Zero waste cyanotype jacket.


Sustainably coloured zero waste dress.
Inspired by the interaction of light with New Zealand’s natural landscape.