Doing Multi-species Philosophy

  • Tribute to a Butterfly

    Today I’d like to chat about one of Anma’s (my late grandmother) favourite creatures, butterflies.  The caterpillar’s main objective is to eat, t...
  • Life is like a double helix

    A friend recently told me she loves that I speak in metaphors. I honestly hadn't noticed this much before, that I express the way I see the world with metaphorical language. Maybe because it doesn't feel like a metaphor to me, it's just reality as I experience it. So heres a little introspective piece about materials and relationships, with some big ol' metaphor speak for you. Dedicated to my big hearted friends Shana and Hannah. Enjoy.
  • Ecosystem-centric co-designing with mycelium for textiles

      Later this year I'll be beginning my masters thesis. This is a snippet of the direction I'll be exploring. I'm very excited to sink my teeth int...