Doing Multi-species Philosophy

  • A verb like unfolding

    I think being at the beach brings a lot of us perspective. It’s an environment that constantly reminds us of it’s presence, always imposing on our senses. The sound of waves cycling over the sand, smells of salty decay, sunlight beaming off of reflective surfaces - the water, sand, sometimes an overcast sky. 
  • Life is like a double helix

    A friend recently told me she loves that I speak in metaphors. I honestly hadn't noticed this much before, that I express the way I see the world with metaphorical language. Maybe because it doesn't feel like a metaphor to me, it's just reality as I experience it. So heres a little introspective piece about materials and relationships, with some big ol' metaphor speak for you. Dedicated to my big hearted friends Shana and Hannah. Enjoy.